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Updated: Thursday, April 02, 2020

Home Improvement Projects to Tackle During the Quarantine
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Youre working from home, which means youre bored, and youre looking for stuff to do. If you own your home, that stuff probably means home improvement projects. Weve got tips on what to tackle during the quarantine.Do an even deeper clean than usualIt is spring, after all. This year, in addition to annual spring cleaning list, add a few tasks tha...

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Ask the HOA Expert: What's The Difference Between The CC&Rs And The Rules And Regulations?
Written By: Richard Thompson

Answer: CCamp;Rs stands for "Covenants, Conditions amp; Restrictions". CCamp;Rs include the Declaration, Bylaws, Rules, Regulations, Policies and Resolutions.As far as standing up in court, no one can predict the outcome of a judge or jury decision. But the board has a responsibility to make sure all rules, regulations and policies are in writin...

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Jimmy Fallon Inspires Renewed Interest in Interior Slides
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Of course, Fallons home may be slightly different than ours. From what we have been able to see on The Tonight Show at home, a pared-down version of his weeknight show that has been a family affair, with his kids and wife participating, the home is as interesting as he is. It has a slew of eye-popping features, including a rustic wood staircase,...

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How to Find Housing That Will Suit Your Pet's Needs Too
Written By: Carol Evenson

Check Local Ordinances and Homeowners Association RulesWhen youre looking for a home, either rented or purchased, youll need to follow the rules of the community that youre entering. Most areas have general ordinances on cleaning up after your dog when you go for a walk. Theyll also have leash laws, and they might have other ordinances on what k...

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Do You Really Skip Two Payments When Refinancing?
Written By: David Reed

Sounds like a pretty good idea, doesnt it? Take a break from making this months mortgage payment plus skipping the next one? Who wouldnt want that? But lets take a closer look at what actually goes on with those payments during a refinance transaction.First, lets understand that mortgage payments are made in arrears. Its the opposite of a rent p...

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5 Necessary Steps to Flipping a House
Written By: Vincent Stokes

1. Research the Real Estate MarketNot every market is the best choice for flipping houses. For example, if youre starting off with just 10,000 that you can work with out of pocket, you probably shouldnt start flipping houses that are being listed in the millions. It wont work out well for you and youll end up with less than you started with. The...

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How to Buy Your First Home
Written By: Craig Middleton

Set yourself up for success by using these five tips when buying a house:Repair and Build Your CreditThis is a step that has to be done before you start negotiating rates and looking at houses. If you have a lot of debt to pay off you will need to start paying it off or find some way to repair your credit. You want a good credit score because th...

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Private Lending During the Coronavirus
Written By: Edward Brown

Varying government agencies have taken similar steps to those during 1918s pandemic to quell the spread of the coronavirus; isolation, quarantine, use of disinfectants, and limitations of public gatherings. These measures seem to be the fastest way to rid the general population of this kind of virus. During these times, the economic effects are ...

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March Real Estate Roundup
Written By: Realty Times Staff

Freddie Macs results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows that "The Federal Reserves swift and significant efforts to stabilize the market were much needed and helped mortgage rates drop for the first time in three weeks. Similar to other segments of the economy, real estate demand is softening. However, the combination of the Feds action...

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How to Buy a House Right Now
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

These are uncertain times, to be sure. But those same low rates that are driving refis are also attracting homebuyers. The 30-year fixed mortgage rate hovers above 3 percent, the lowest that it has been in nearly 50 years, Andrina Valdes, executive sales leader and CEO ofnbsp;Cornerstone Home Lending, Inc., told Apartment Therapy. The lower the ...

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Four HOA Reserve Fund Investment Hurdles
Written By: Richard Thompson

Hurdle 1: Failure to use the Reserve Study or not having one in the first place. Homeowner association boards have the duty to conduct long range planning to identify common elements, their current condition, their useful lives and current cost of repair or replacement. This exercise is called a Reserve Study. Some boards believe that a reserve ...

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Cabinet Styles Perfect for Different Types of Kitchen
Written By: Joyce Velosco

The kitchen is the heart of the home. This place is one of the most favorite places of moms, and for them, it is important to maximize the kitchen space so as to represent their personality and to serve their culinary needs efficiently.nbsp;Whether the space is big or small, there are definitely plenty of ways to spice up the kitchen and do all ...

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Top Tips for Working From Home
Written By: Super User

But working from home takes a certain kind of discipline. And flexibility. And finesse. Especially if your spouse is also working from home and your kids are out of school. If youre new to this, we have a few tips that will help it go smoothly.nbsp;Eat and drinkthe right stuff at the right timeIts easy to get caught up in work and forget to eat ...

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Coronavirus and Real Estate: The Latest News
Written By: Jaymi Naciri

Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, and HUD suspend foreclosuresFannie Mae and Freddie Mac have been directed to suspend foreclosures and evictions for at least 60 days due to the coronavirus national emergency, said the Federal Housing Finance Agency FHFA.nbsp;This announcement comes on the heels of the Presidents press conference, during which he proclai...

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Isolation Opportunities
Written By: PJ Wade

Whats a real estate professional to do now? Your professional and personal worlds have been upended and they promise to continue changing dramatically over the next weeks and months. Even if you are not in self-isolation to help slow the spread of COV-19 virus, many connections and networks in your workplace and in the community have been tempor...

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1% Point, 1% Origination- What’s the Difference?
Written By: David Reed

There are some basic guidelines you should follow when getting rate quotes to make sure youre actually comparing apples and apples. For instance, you dont want to compare rates from different lenders for a 30 year and a 15 year program. The 15 year rate will be lower than a 30 but the payments will also be higher. In addition, how long would the...

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5 Home Projects to Enjoy Your Outdoor Space all Year Round
Written By: Cristina Miguelez

Having these kinds of spaces isnt always enough, however, if you arent able to use the space year round. Many homeowners who would otherwise want to invest in these types of spaces may end up putting it off, simply because they dont believe it will get enough use to be viable.nbsp;Thats why adding some features to an outdoor living space that ca...

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Everything You Need to Know About Painting Stairs
Written By: Keith Riley

What you dont see are the off-screen bloopers. You dont see how often the paint color doesnt look right with the wall finish.nbsp;And dont see how long the job really took.Can we share a secret?Painting interior stairs isnt the hardest home improvement job, but its not as easy as the Property Twins make it look. Before you sand down your stairs ...

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Thursday, April 02, 2020

Home Improvement Projects to T...
Youre working from home, which means youre bored, and youre looking for stuff to do. If you ...

Ask the HOA Expert: What's The...
Answer: CCamp;Rs stands for "Covenants, Conditions amp; Restrictions". CCam...

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